5 Top Ways for Optimizing Memory for Long Term Health

This post focuses on memory optimization as a method for strengthening the brain.  Instead of focusing of medical research in treating memory issues, this article takes a preventative approach to also focus on research that sustains and optimizes the performance of the brain.

Research in brain states has shown that individuals who experience flow states or states where they are in the zone such as athletes can directly impact memory functioning.  Flow states of consciousness also occur at peak performance for individuals such as musicians or artists where an outpouring of creativity or activity temporarily displaces the normal, ordinary personality allowing for a deeper part of the person to emerge.

One of the issues that arise with memory loss is the disorientation of the personality or the world in which a person is familiar.  Through consistent and intentional personality displacement in a trained and healthy manner, the proclivity of the mind to wander into episodes of forgetfulness of loss of passion can be addressed.  The link between passion and blood flow to the brain is a vital understanding for how optimize brain functioning and quality of life, while preventing serious mental difficulties.

Bellow of eight ways individuals can optimize their memory:

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1.     Increasing passion of life

Increasing passion life is an activity that can occur on all levels from physical, emotional, professional, career, mental, and spiritual.  Having passion and joy within each of these areas through developing and creating joy within those places can lead to optimization of human potential and memory.  The idea of focusing on a larger, more benevolent aspect such as human potential and passionately living to full potential can supersede and include memory issues to the point where the optimization takes over a person.  The idea is to utilize optimization as a competitive strategy against the taking over of other concerns such as memory issues.  Whereas memory issues often arise and take over an individual’s life, an optimization strategy that arises and takes over a person’s life can take the place of that memory occurrence.

2.     Intelligently navigating the zone

Finding ways to enter zones of creativity and high performance enable individuals to maintain and increase memory functioning.  The idea of this is not simply for savants of a particular art or discipline, but for individuals to radically immerse themselves in something important to them that their concerns disappear they feel nourished to a comprehensive, compelling activity.

3.     Listening to classical music

Classical music in its many forms and cultures can support individuals in optimizing mental activity.  The reason is because of the level of production that goes into producing classical music.  Classical music is a conceptual art form utilized to build civilization, hence there are multiple types of classical music from different cultures that impact a person’s memory.  The idea is to focus on music utilized to construct the meaning and identity of an entire culture.

4.     algaeListening to conceptual music

Conceptual music are new forms of music that are often digitalized to produce affects within the brain or the personality.  This type of music included frequencies, patterns, and rhythms that are based on and directly generated from research that bridges the worlds of science and art.

5.     Superfoods

There are certain superfood and generated formulas that can assist individuals in optimizing memory.  Superfoods such as algae, moringa, ginko biloba and powdered deer antler, are each types of nutrients that engage the wild within an individual’s diet.  The idea that diets  are too domesticated and reliant of normal modes of civilization miss out on the wild growth and bursting potential within wild spaces gives arise to the category of superfoods.  These superfoods are foods that are “super” in that their ability to fight and be robust in wild environments is greater than domesticated food, thus providing that nutrients for individuals who use them.


The purpose of this blog is to provide information about memory problems including specific information issues, types, symptoms, professional help, and professional help options. This blog is not intended as medical, legal, or financial advice in these matters. It is written for information purposes from a knowledgeable and well researched perspective.

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