Alzheimer’s disease: Causes Leading to Memory Loss


Memory Loss is not usually what we see in movies for example a person’s head is hit with something, he will be suffering a memory loss until or unless the process is repeated again. The reality here is quite different; losing memory through this method has low chances. There are numerous other causes and factors that can lead to short term or even long term memory loss. Memory loss that keeps on disturbingthe day to day life can be a side effect of Alzheimer’s or another dementia. Alzheimer is a mind infection that can result in moderate decrease in memory, thinking and thinking aptitudes.


Alzheimer’s disease

You won’t even have the slightest idea that your own progressive damage to cells is a result of Alzheimer because the medications and treatments you are taking for Alzheimer would generally minimize the symptoms for a while; they are not perfect for long run as they also are not able to reduce the damage to brain cells. The start of Alzheimer’s disease can be from the point where there occurs difficulties in newly learned information and material. It is going to result in more and more serious issues including disorders, mood and behavioral change, getting confused at a higher frequency about daily routine situations, and so on. Alzheimer makes recognition a bit difficult in its later stages which means that the person is going to feel that he does not recognize the person in front of him. Even this is going to make daily life activities almost not possible to attempt even like talking or walking, etc.

Alzheimer is an irreversible disease that will eventually destroy thinking capability, thus leading to impossibility of completing daily life tasks. At present, there are no perfect cures for Alzheimer and it is turning out to be one of the top 10 causes of death. Only few ways are found by now that can lower the symptoms for a slight time period. As well as some methods and medications that can help to maintain mental functions or manage behavioral symptoms. Researchers are putting up their efforts to develop therapies to stop and prevent the causes of Alzheimer. Present studies show that Alzheimer is mainly caused due to genetics, lifestyle factors, environmental changes, or even the lack of nutrients.



As it is clear that Alzheimer is a non-curable and deadly disease so trying to prevent is the best solution. On the top of list is to eat healthy foods so that dietary nutrients are fulfilled. On the other hand, try harder to not let the surrounding environment affect you in any matter. For instance, stop taking tension about things not going the way you desired. This will result is a happy you and help you stay away from tension disorders and other related diseases. Though Alzheimer is the disease occurring more commonly at an older age but trying to avoid its symptoms can show better results.

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