1. Is this blog medical advice?

No.  This blog does not constitute medical advice.  The purpose of this blog is to present musings, ideas, conventional, and non-conventional perspective on memory issues and loss and to hopefully provide some solutions that move us forward.

  1. What are the major memory issues in modern medicine?

The major memory issues that occur are dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Other memory issues occur as a result of preexisting illness such as illnesses with kidneys, the liver, or the thyroid.  Strokes and blood supply to the brain area also memory issues that can cause problems.

  1. What are some of the causes of serious memory problems?

Some of the causes of serious memory problems are blood supply to the brain, diet, emotions, radical lifestyle changes, accidents, and other forms of trauma.

  1. How are serious memory problems treated?faq-2

Treatments vary, however, for many memory issues that are diagnosed, no distinct cure is available.  This often means that medical professionals will treat the illness indirectly, such as prescribing blood pressure medicine to management blood supply to the brain.

  1. How are memory problems prevented?

The general answer is philosophy.  The philosophy of health and medicine and individual and their medical care team subscribes to directly impacts how memory problems are seen be prevented because prevention is by its nature speculative and futuristic.  There are some general prescriptions that commonly arise in the treatment of memory issues that are general issues of lifestyle.  These include enhanced diet, sustained physical activity, intentional memory enhancement through supplements or focused memorization, and stabilizing emotions to increase and maintain quality of life.

  1. Are there unknowntreatments for memory issues?

Yes.  Current research in memory is still evolving, so it is important for individuals to be aware of what is available and to choose medical professional that are congruent with their philosophy of how to deal with uncertainty and the unknown when it comes to valuable information and making decisions to move through a particular issue.

  1. What types of medical professionals are available for addressing memory issues?

Individuals may be interested in researching differences between allopathic, naturopathic, and integrative approaches to medicine and health care.  Allopathic approaches are generally conventional medicine that relies on stand available best practices and research.  Treatment with this type of medicine often involves pharmaceutical medicines.  The other type is naturopathic that generally utilized mineral balancing through supplements to treat illness.  Both are trained and licensed medical approaches.  The third is integrative approaches that utilize a combination of both as well as listening to the practice and incorporating patient feedback within treatment.

  1. What is memory optimization?

Before discussing issues, problems, and treatments it is important to understand that optimization of memory is the actual human goal before problems arise.  Optimization is reaching towards the full potential of memory utilization, enhance, and engagement within the world in a meaningful and well-structured way.  Optimization is also the idea of lifestyle changes that are maximized such that they become home or second nature to a person.